Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fade to Sepia

Little Red Backpack (Eco Trend, from Goodwill)
Oversized Sweater (Denim & Co)
High Waist Shorts (Rampage)
"Huette" Wedge Ankle Booties (Kelsi Dagger)

I was mad stoked to pick up this backpack last time I was at the Goodwill - I've been looking for one forever! On my frame (average height, super lanky) most backpacks look oversized and disproportionate on me. This one is just right - also, it's red! A perfect accessory for someone who's nearly constantly clad in head to toe in neutrals and bright lip colours.

The sweater is also from the Goodwill and reeeally comfy, which is perfect for Wednesdays. (Ugh, Wednesdays. :l )

These are the boots I mentioned in yesterday's post- are they not amazing? Like I said, they aren't nearly as hard to walk in as you'd think.

That's all for now. Stay tuned, loves :)

xoxo, Clovebud.


  1. I love goodwill, some of them have the best little gems.

  2. looove your boots, Clove! and oh man that backpack is incredible! I saw the backpack-as-new-accessory trend last summer in Japan but didn't believe something so adorable could ever be popular in the States; man was I wrong! I'm so glad it caught on. :)

  3. love your sweater coat ,it must wear comfortable because of its loose-style ,at the same time you seem fashionable on it.I really think it is a great masterpiece,if you are interested ,please followback !!!