Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Aurora Sky

Wicker hat (vintage)
Denim Jacket (Abercrombie and Fitch, vintage)
Top (secondhand)
Rose Quartz Pendant (a gift)
*Sheer Ombre Maxi Skirt (Sugarlips Apparel)
Platform Heels (Dollhouse, secondhand)

Long time no see! I feel guilty, because I keep saying "I'll post today!" and I don't get around to it. I'm having some serious issues with my laptop, so I have to find someone else who'll let me use theirs for an hour or so to edit photos and whatnot (thus, the limited amount of pictures).

Remember when I mentioned those collaborations a little while ago? Well, Sugarlips Apparel sent me this beautiful skirt, and I'm mad excited to start wearing it when it warms up! If I look cold here, it's because I am. However, I wanted to get a few photos out before too long. the skirt is called The Aurora Sky Skirt, and it's one of their new Spring Arrivals. If you're interested, I'd recommend you swing by and pick one up quick, because I guarantee these are gonna be hugggeee this spring and summer.

I'll try not to drag on too long, but I want to say a couple more things before I end
the post due to my sporadic web situation.

Fans and followers - meet the Kelsi Dagger Huette Wedge Bootie.

I just picked these bad boys up for a serious steal (although, I still had to pay for them :P ) They currently retail at around $85-$90 dollars on sale, but they are insanely worth it. No joke, I went out wearing them to the grocery store to get a feel for walking in them (which isn't that bad, by the way!) and got sooo many compliments. By the way - I was also rolling classy without makeup, in leggings, the denim jacket, and my primary colored paisley scarf with my hair in a topknot, hahaha.

I'd like to end this post by saying that I will be adding a disclaimer to the menu bar under my blog header. I don't plan to entirely sell out, so don't worry. ;) I just want to make sure that all of you cool cats know about any sponsored posts, gifts, or collaborations I do in the future. On that note, if you've got a sweet clothing line that you're looking to promote, let me know! I'll check it out - just send me an email and we can talk biz.

Wow, that was long. See what happens when my rampant fashion lust goes untended to? D:

 I hope to be doing more posts and less novels in the near future. That's all for now. ;)
xoxo, Clovebud.

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