Monday, February 6, 2012

2/6/12: A Wallflower Punch Talks to Judy

blazer/cardigan (GAP)
Sunglasses (Vintage, Liz Claiborne)
Scissor Necklace (CosmoProf)
Blue Beanie (Secondhand)
Platform Boots (Goodwill)

I didn't even realize this until I looked at the photos, but I kinda look like Judy from that old school "Doug" cartoon, hahaha. 

So today was Monday - and although I like Mondays, it was pretty hectic. I'm off to bake vegan cupcakes now, so I'll definitely take photos and post them up ASAP! Maybe I'll even include a recipe. ;)

xoxo, Clovebud.


  1. So pretty! And hell yes!! We really love this look! You've such a bad ass sense of style! :)

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    ox from NYC!


  2. This outfit is awesome :D Those boots are so cool! Love this look :)

    I just started to follow you with Google Friend Connect!
    Hope you'll follow me back :)

    xoxo, Oana