Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clovebud - Not a B*llSh*t Fashion Blog

Hey guys, sorry for the offensive title - I feel very strongly about this topic and wasn't sure that any other, less profane language could articulate my feelings quite as well. Let's call this a "Clovebud: After Dark" or a "Clovebud: Off Duty" post. ;) Truth is, I've been putting a lot of thought into my (future) posts as of late - particularly about how to create a more interesting and involving blog, and decided to launch a self intervention.

Hey, my name is Clovebud and I'm addicted to boring photo blogging.

It's awful - especially because I've already got a Tumblr as well as a Pinterest. What is this insane compulsion I face to post photos without even a paragraph of text? I mean, let's face it - I'm 20 years old and have copious amounts of free time opposed to a lot of other people, so what I've been doing is essentially just lazy, passive blogging. I've got no excuse, either - on and off, I've been blogging with various platforms since age 12.

However, I promise that this will end.

 Truth is, I've made the common mistake of reading too much into successful blogging. I've become afraid to put myself out there and be original on my posts, which is ludicrous when you think about how eccentric my outfits can be. Not that I necessarily want to be too out there, but nobody likes a pretentious fashion blogger. Also, I think that certain outfits can lose a great deal of their appeal without a proper explanation.

For example, my last outfit post wold have made much more sense if I had mentioned that I was channeling my inner Southwestern Neo-goth that day, Right? (Or perhaps not, but to each their own. ;D)

So anyways, this post is just a little something for my fellow n00b bloggers as well as myself to let you know that I fully support anybody else who's trying to get their voice out into the vast sea of fashion media. Also, It's something like 3:30am and I'm really too exhausted to have inhibitions.

That's my que. See you next time :)

xoxo Clovebud

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