Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sgt Pepper

Jagermeister cap (secondhand)
shades ( liz claiborne)
Slouchy tee (Old Navy)
Scissor Necklace (Cosmoprof)
Guitar Necklace (A gift)
Backpack (Ecotrend)
Bracelet (Lia Sophia)
Cutoffs (Dickies)
Anklet (Jamaica)
Platform Heels (Soda)

Hey guys, I'm back again. ;) With the official start of spring (Though it's feeling more like summer here!) I've honestly just been super relaxed regarding my wardrobe. The shirt is just something I picked up on sale the other day while getting my spring/summer basics at Old Navy. It was like, 5 dollars, which I thought was pretty awesome. :)

 My boyfriend and I were are the local secondhand shop this past Saturday, and he bought me this hat. It reminds me of these bizarre party sunglasses I used to have, with chrome Jack Daniels Logos stamped on either eye. I miss those, hahaha. :)

Hopefully with sun staying up longer, I'll be able to post more often soon, because I miss blogging. I'd like to thank all of my followers for sticking around, too. I really appreciate it!

That's all for now, kids. Sooo, ya know - till next time. ;D

xoxo, Clovebud.