Monday, March 5, 2012

Fashion Iconoclast

Sunglasses (Liz Claiborne, Vintage)
Floral Scarf (Secondhand, Vintage)
Suitcase (Samsonite, Vintage)
Green Velvet Coat (Secondhand)
Blue Coat (Secondhand)
Platform Boots (Secondhand)

Hey guys! This look is super vintage, and definitely inspired by fashion from different time periods. In fact, I think it implies a little androgyny as well - despite the floral.

I decided to throw in the suitcase based on emotional reasons rather than practical ones. I'm not going anywhere just yet, but I'm expecting to move in with my currently long distance boyfriend in a few months; and as excited as I am about that, I'm stressed. Do you ever feel like you have just way too much going on in your life? I know I do. I don't always mind being busy, but I have such high expectations of what I'm capable of achieving sometimes, and it seems too easy to let something fall by the wayside in order to catch up with myself.

A quick update - my laptop is going to have to be completely reformatted (which is basically a nerdy way of saying "everything needs to be removed from the hard drive) which means I won't be getting it back for another week or so. In the meantime, I'll keep doing what I'm doing. It's not sooo bad. :P

Also, I'll be sewing and designing away! I've decided to put up some handmade items on Etsy for new camera funding (among, well, life expenses. Haha.) So I'll let you know when that gets rolling. Any support is extremely appreciated!

That's all for now. See you next time. :)

xoxo, Clovebud.


  1. Very classic yet Tomboyish. Love the boots!

    The Style Visitor

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